Lanistawars is a single/co-op survival RPG where as a Lanista you will try to build a team among the best gladiators who will be equipped with the most legendary items you find or craft during the game. The game can also be played in single player mode.
Once upon a time God were hunting humans

Humans learn about life more and cope with everyday problems in time. They also get better and better at confronting Gods with wisdom and experience of generations past. Gods starts to fear of man’s determination that is why they make a deal with humans. According to this pact Gods will stop hunting people exchange of organized fights that are arranged by humans whom dedicate the spilling blood to honor the Gods.

Sometimes the Gods walk among the mortal souls and mate with them. The demigods are born from this unification. At first, they are welcome in their fathers’ hall but then they are cast away in the earth for some unknown reason.

They become Lanistas the masters of the arena because they have the power to control the warriors’ souls. Lanistas make the warriors fight for them with a promise of immortality. The fights become more cruel and brutal in time. The warriors keep their end of the bargain by spilling more and more blood.

This is the story of the Lanistas, the Blood Bringers, the masters of the arena.
There will be many different warriors coming from every corner of the world. The gladiators will have different skills while Gauls are more powerful, Greeks will have supportive skills and attributes. Everything depends on the decisions you make while building your own team. Decisions must be clever and strategic.
You will be able to craft a new sword, armor or other types of equipment with the runes and recipes you find in the arena. All this stuff then will be used by your warriors during the fight. The trick is even though you find all the necessary runes and recipes, there is still a slight chance that you might not be able to craft a weapon or you can come across a weapon without even looking for it.
This system contains a perk tree which includes both advantageous and disadvantageous characteristics. You have to keep them in balance which means if you select a positive perk you have to select a negative one on the same level to be able to start to play. Frenzy Mode which is a negative perk makes you lose control for a brief amount of time another perk enables you
Combats can be done in Co-Op against waves of enemies. There are many bosses who are difficult to kill that you have to survive. In order to destroy a boss you need to solve some puzzles that give you an advantage on killing the boss. Since the game sets in a very dynamic environment you have to watch for dangers coming from every angle like waves of enemies, stones, bosses etc.
DreamHarvesters game development team has been working for more than 5 years. The team worked on game engine development and several amateur RTS and RPG games at the beginning. Since 3, the team is using Unity3D game engine for all their games.

Our team members are all hardcore gamers playing games since the early glorious days of games. Everyone on our board has passion about RPG and strategy games. We also follow game industry very closely. Our aim, however, not to obey business side of the gaming. Instead we dream creating new worlds and new experiences.

We developed several mobile games in 2011 and 2012. After that period we decided to develop our long time planned game "LanistaWars" which takes you to the world of Gladiators.